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Map of the Land of Books (in German!)

April 30, 2009

From the Strange Maps blog comes this gem of a map!


“This map by German illustrator Alphons Woelfle (1938) shows the extent and the divisions of Bücherland (the Land of Books). The Land consists of about half a dozen distinct territories, most of which are explicitly named: Leserrepublik (Reader’s Republic), Vereinigte Buchhandelsstaaten (United States of Booksellers), Recensentia (a realm for Reviewers), Makulaturia (Waste Paper Land), and Poesia (Poetry). The capital of the US of B is the city of Officina (Latin for workshop, and the origin of our ‘office’; the name seems remarkably unremarkable. Possibly there is an old reference or a German word-joke here we’re not getting).”

Source: Strange Maps


Book secret

July 13, 2008

Image from the Postsecret blog.

Eat this book!

March 19, 2008

Spring is upon us, and once again it’s time for the EDIBLE BOOK FESTIVAL!Edible Book The festival will take place on March 29th, from 2-4pm at the Kilgarlin Center.  All entries need to be submitted by 1:45pm that day.  Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best in show
  • Wittiest
  • Tastiest
  • Best Book Structure
  • Least Appetizing 

More information can be had from the Edible Book Festival website.  Bon appétit!

Child-Assisted Paper Destruction

February 15, 2008

Watch in horror (or amusement) as a child facilitates the wanton destruction of innocent pieces of paper!  Watch this movie at your own risk!    

Peter Callesen's Paper Art

January 15, 2008

As some readers have pointed out, these are actually the work of  artist Peter Callesen.  Please check out his website for more examples! 

I know I am not alone in my geekiness when I admit that, after my initial response of “oooh,” my second thought was, “hmm… what are some of the conservation challenges that these pieces would present, and what would be the best way to tackle them?” Thoughts?


Isn't Google Going to Make Your Job Obsolete?

January 8, 2008

Opus 12-30-07

International Vintage Poster Dealers Association

November 27, 2007

Revue de Folies-Bergere

IVPDA Online: About Linen Backing for Posters

I give them credit for plugging professional conservation, even if they do refer to us as “conservationists.”

Tape is evil!

November 25, 2007

Tape Removal

Beth Heller, paper conservator and Kilgarlin alum, speaks out against the evils of tape in her blog (now added to the blogroll as well). With gift-giving holidays right around the corner, what better way to show your thoughtfulness than with a “Tape is Evil” coffee mug or Paper Conservation calendar? Just check out Beth’s Cafepress store for more Tape Is Evil merchandise.

xkcd comic about librarians (also applicable to all book people)

November 18, 2007

xkcd comic

Click comic for best results [and the rest of the comic].